project goals

  1. Open Source and Free: Release the project as open-source and make it freely available, fostering community contributions and ensuring accessibility.

  2. FreeDATA Platform Utilizing Codec2 Data Waveforms: Develop FreeDATA as a versatile platform that leverages Codec2's data waveforms for robust digital communication across various data exchange scenarios, establishing a comprehensive solution for digital communications.

  3. REST API for Easy Integration: Provide a RESTful API to allow seamless integration with other software, enabling the development of applications that can communicate through the FreeData system.

  4. Multiplatform Compatibility: Ensure the software is compatible with desktop operating systems (Windows, macOS, Linux) and devices like Raspberry Pi, enhancing its usability in diverse environments.

  5. Messaging System for Communication: Implement a messaging system that supports both real-time and delayed messaging to cater to different communication needs.

  6. Community Engagement and Documentation: Build a strong community through clear documentation, tutorials, and forums, encouraging feedback and contributions to continuously improve the project.

  7. Complementary to Existing Solutions: Acknowledge that FreeData is not intended to compete with existing solutions like VARA, ARDOP, and others. We respect their great work and aim to complement the digital communication ecosystem, not replace it.

  8. HF Mesh Network for Backend-less Global Communication: Work towards creating an HF mesh network to enable backend-less global communication as a long-term task.